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Tomato Hybrid F1 «Grace»

Tomato Hybrid F1 «Grace»

Fruits are perfectly round, smooth, smooth, uniform red color.

Average fruit weight 180-200g.

Very tasty, sweet with a tender and juicy pulp.

Store at t = 8-100C, a humidity of 80%.

The ripe fruit of this variety retain their freshness and quality for a long time.

Used for canning, fresh, in salads

Tomato hybrid «BOMAKS»

Tomato hybrid «BOMAKS»

Upon reaching the natural ripening fruits become dark orange color with a slight red tint. Fetal weight 220 g

Tomatoes contain a glycoside, which gives them a specific taste, excellent component of a different kind of salads.

The flesh is dense.

Fruits have weak ribbing, more visible to the peduncle.

With proper storage of the fruits of a well-preserved, transportable over large distances.

Tomato Zheronimo F1

Tomato Zheronimo F1

Fetal weight 220 g Very good taste.

The fruit is slightly flattened, slightly ribbed.

Moderately tall plants with a high force growth.

High resistance to viruses, fusarium, powdery mildew, belovershinnosti.