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Cucumber F1 KURAZH

Cucumber F1 KURAZH

New precocious parthenocarpic hybrid (from germination to fruiting 45-50 days), female flowering type, suitable for cultivation in plastic greenhouses.

Zieleniec dark green with white stripes, a length of 12-15 cm, weighing 120-130 g, universal use.

Taste the high quality, without bitterness.

Relatively resistant to major diseases of cucumber.

Yields 6-8 kg / rast.

The value of a hybrid: precocity, high marketability, high flavor quality of fruits and resistance to complex diseases.

Cucumber F1 RELAY

Cucumber F1 RELAY

Is middle. For salads.

Marketable yield in winter greenhouses 24,4-35,8 kg/m2, in the spring - 18,2-34,6 kg/m2.

Relatively resistant to major diseases of cucumber.

Home lash long, branching, self-regulating.

Base slightly elongate, smooth.

A transverse section rounded-triangular.

The length of 14-23 cm, weight 141-228, the

Taste good and excellent quality.

The value of a hybrid: a high yield, ductility, good marketability.

Cucumber Athlete

Cucumber Athlete

The new high-yielding hybrid middle-mixed flowering (50-55 days before fruiting)

Suitable for growing in greenhouses, as well as recommended for growing on the windowsill.

Plants are powerful. The length of the main shoot up to 3.0-3.5 m

Zieleniec length 20-22 cm, 4.0-4.5 cm in diameter and weighing 180-210 g, dark green with white stripes to 1/3 length. Fruit cylindrical,

Flavor quality of fruits are high.

The hybrid has high shade tolerance of plants, high early and total yield.