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The communal agricultural unitary company (CSEA) "Teplichnoe" is located in the central part of the Gomel region at a distance of 2 kilometers from the regional center - the town of Gomel. Central Manor is in village Berezki. Created by the company based on the state farm "Teplichnoe" was based 21.02.1973 At present, the total land area is 141 hectares of the company, including farmland - 105 hectares, including arable land - 32 ha, meadows - 66 hectares. The most important function of the CSEA " Teplichnoe " - a year-round provision of quality and variety of fruits and vegetables.

Activity kinds:
1. Cultivation of vegetables, their seeds and sprouts
2.Vegetable growing, decorative gardening and production of nurseries

The total area of 10 hectares of greenhouses. Of these, an area of 7 hectares of cultivated cucumber, an area of 3 ha - tomatoes. The bulk of production is sold in the Republic of Belarus, in particular, the market town of Gomel and Gomel region, as well as markets of Minsk and Mogilev regions. Small amount of tomatoes produced (200-300 tons) annually exported to the Russian Federation. In 2004 the company was put into operation a gas boiler for heating greenhouses block area of 6 hectares with the filing of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse. In 2008 introduced a new gas boiler capacity of 36 Gcal of heating greenhouses area of 7.4 hectares. the program on energy saving. CSEA " Teplichnoe " in 2009 at the contest winner was awarded a diploma for the production of onion and cucumber in greenhouses.